Oil and Gas

We serve the oil and gas industry security needs for downstream (refineries, petrochemical plants) and midstream (storage hubs, oil transfer hubs) facilities, pipeline terminals and other critical infrastructure.GPS

Protecting these key facilities from intrusions, vandalism and sabotage requires real-time perimeter monitoring and robust intruder detection.

Proven in demanding security applications, our perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) reliably pinpoint any intrusion attempt and provide immediate targeted video  for local or remote verification and enforcement.

Compared to other systems and technologies in the market our PIDS have the highest sensitivity and detects a broad range of intrusion methods while having very low false-alarm rates.

In addition, we offer remote integrity monitoring solutions to provide advance indication and accurate pinpointing of emerging pipeline weaknesses.

For information on the solutions provided by Aísthon,  please contact us  at sales@aísthon.com.