Free-Space PIDS

The perimeters of some high-value facilities are often partly, or sometimes fully devoid of walls. Monitoring intrusion attempts over such perimeters is crucial to a robust perimeter protection plan.

The AgilFence RAPIDS Radar Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) uses proven solid-state Electronically Scanning Radar (ESR) technology. Its packaging and durability offers a game-changing system in “virtual” perimeter intrusion detection. This system is based on a multi-mode ESR that combines a wide field of view (FOV) at mid-range (instrumented range up to 60m and 90° width horizontal coverage) and a long-range coverage (instrumented range up to 150m and a narrow 20° width horizontal coverage) to provide range and Doppler speed information simultaneously using only a single radar.

Any movement within the radar coverage area will be detected. When this happens, an alarm is triggered and the location of the intrusion is reported.

Key Features Benefits Target Markets
  • Wide coverage perimeter protection
  • Flexible detection zone setting
  • Good performance and reliability
  • Effective in all weather and light conditions
  • AgilFence RAPIDS provides an effective substitute solution for areas that are unsuitable for conventional fence mount PIDs due to factors such as a need to preserve the physical aesthetics of the area or when perimeters do not have any kind of fencing.
  • Government buildings
  • Museums
  • Embassies
  • Residential estates
  • Sensitive buildings and land areas