Wall-Mount PIDS

Perimeter walls of high-value facilities are often partly, or sometimes fully, made up of masonry walls. Monitoring intrusion attempts over such a perimeter is a crucial component of a robust perimeter protection plan.

The AgilFence Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) offers a Wall-mount PIDS that is specifically designed to detect and report attempts of intrusion by scaling or breaching perimeter walls. The AgilFence wall-mount PIDS is available as an extension to the regular PIDS fence-mount version. This wall protection system provides a robust solution to address the lack of an effective perimeter intrusion detection system for the protection of perimeter walls.

Key Features Benefits Target Markets
  • Quick installation
  • Immune to electromagnetic interference
  • No power supply required in the field
  • Robust intrusion detection
  • Minimal false alarms
  • Pin-point accuracy
  • Highly reliable, more than 95% probability of detection
  • Pinpoint intrusion location to within 30 feet (i.e. ± 15 feet accuracy)
  • Extremely low false alarm rate
  • Extremely low nuisance alarm rate
  • Resilient to defeat
  • Military sites
  • Museums
  • Correctional facilities
  • Sites requiring maximum security
  • Sensitive buildings and land areas
  • Banking facilities